Necessary Exercises

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Necessary Exercises


by Ewen Glass

Here’s something.
Go back
to your worst day
and bathe in it.

The water
lifting all boats.
Call it just swell.

Sit in it.
The boat
or the water?
Possibly both.

Or neither.
The thought,
the memory,
boat and water

all. I try
not to
be overwhelmed
by metaphors,

or bath toys.
red, splintered decks.
But here they come.

And I’m left
among words and
water and wood,

on advice.
Believe that?!
Feeling something
of what I felt

back then, back
when I
was just a kid
who hadn’t drowned.

whale & boat
About the Author

Originally from Northern Ireland, Ewen is an emerging voice in poetry, in both English and Ulster-Scots registers.