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Flash Fiction

by Susannah Rigg

She scrambles his eggs, just how he likes them. Still a little wet, soft, buttery. The toast pops and she lays it on the blue-patterned, china plate. One of her grandma’s, slightly chipped by his over-zealous stacking, she thinks. She touches the imperfection, enjoys the smooth ridge. Balancing the eggs on the toast, she wipes a stray splodge of yolk from the plate. It looks like a restaurant breakfast. That makes her giggle. Only the best for him. 

The radio is tuned to Heart FM, humming out old classic love songs, perfect for a Sunday morning. She thinks of him still sleeping upstairs, making the most of his lie-in after a busy week, his chest rising and falling softly under the cotton sheets. There’s a towel warming for him on the bathroom rack. She left it there after showering quietly.

She pours his coffee over gently heated milk, it mingles into the perfect creamy whip. A half teaspoon of sugar to add a touch of sweetness. Only on the weekends. He is watching his weight, though he doesn’t need to. 

The oven pings. The smell of rosemary — freshly picked and sprinkled over mushrooms and tomatoes —freshens the air, the steam from the oven giving her a glow. She adds the veggies to his plate and sighs, wiping her hands on her flowery apron. 

“Breakfast’s ready,” she calls gently. 

She does this every Sunday, then sits down to eat alone when no one calls back.  

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About the Author

Originally from London, Susannah has lived in Mexico for thirteen years. After over a decade as a travel writer, she now dedicates her time to writing fiction and working as a writing mentor. She is currently querying her first novel, set in modern-day Mexico City. She also runs writing workshops online and in the sleepy beach town where she now lives.