Two Mornings

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Two Mornings


by Devon Neal

art: Samuel Horsley

School begins on a Wednesday this year,
which means I have two more mornings
to sit with the quiet of the house,
a stillness pure enough to notice
the cats yawning wild on the couch,
the warm whir of the dryer stirring buttoned shirts,
the icy sigh of the air unit kicking on,
and, outside, rain washing the plump fruit
of the pear tree, straining by the fence.

About the Author

Devon Neal (he/him) is a Kentucky-based poet whose work has appeared in many publications, including HAD, Stanchion, Livina Press, The Storms, and The Bombay Lit Mag, and has been nominated for Best of the Net. He currently lives in Bardstown, KY with his wife and three children.

About the Artist

Samuel Horsley is an artist and printmaker whose images range from loveably strange cats to macabre gods and ethereal monsters. During his Graphic Design degree at Central St Martins, he specialised in illustration and was influenced by the work of Goya, Švankmajer and Scarfe. He prints screens and linos at Hot Bed Press Studio and he instagrams as @idonthaveorgans