Three Poems

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Three Poems


by Rachael Clyne

Dragonfly Gives a Masterclass on Positive Thinking

Dragonfly says 
i was fat larvae pondlife
greedy turdbelly bug-eye. 
But you never know 
what life is in store
onetime dreamlift me 
out of wet into
skyfly beam 
I wingshh  ape  flut t
       t ter…
Dragonfly says
every fat 
pondlife bitch
has a dragon 
in her just 

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On the sofa, I dream.sensible.swans.
In the kitchen,
My side of the bed is a  
Brian’s side is a lunging,humid.swordfish.

On the loo, I redouble.cracking.depravity.
Next door purifies.their songbirds.park.
Glastonbury folk have past-life flashbacks.
profess.knowledge. The Westminster crew
fence.garage are.unable. while the nation.
vibrates. feeling.

dragonfly on pink
About the Author

Rachael Clyne retired psychotherapist from Glastonbury, is widely published in journals, incl: Poetry Wales, Lighthouse and Ink Sweat & Tears. her pamphlet, ‘Girl Golem’ (4Word Press) explores her Jewish, migrant background. Her new collection, ‘You’ll Never Anyone Else’, expands on themes of identity including LGBTQ and relationships. Visit Rachael’s websiteRead more about Rachael’s poetry at Seren Books.